Lead Generation

Using our proven lead generation methods we quickly gain key decision maker intelligence and engage with them at their level, about your business service offering or products. We speak with authority on the subject, build a professional rapport with your prospect, gaining completely qualified leads whilst re-enforcing the values of your brand and become a transparent extension of your sales team.

During these conversations we naturally extract Business Intelligence which can range from a general overview of the company to very specific and focused details depending on your preference which will resulting in qualified leads or future opportunities being identified which you can add to your business development pipeline.

You will receive high value leads from a group that prides quality over quantity.

“I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for the hard work and professionalism you have provided in the many activities you have worked on for me this year. We have a large pipeline of opportunity which has come from the many leads you have passed through and I wanted to thank you for this.“

Read the Motorola Enterprise Mobility Solutions Case Study

In the past BroadVision paid on a per appointment basis, but the success rate was only at 50% as leads were not well qualified and some appointments resulted in wasting valuable time.

Read the Broadvision Case Study